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Felipe Salles - clarinets
Laura Arpiainen - violin
Mika Pohjola - piano
David Ambrosio - bass
Bertram Lehmann - drums

The New York-based quintet Tango Republic performs favorite tango selections on this rare release. Arrangements by tango masters Ástor Piazzolla and Carlos Gardel have arranged by the band members. Tango Republic has performed in Washington D.C and New York. Their best repertoire is released on this concise album.

Tango Republic is a merged version of traditional tango from Argentina and Finland, and the modern Tango Nuevo. The instrumentation makes it eloquently adaptable in both worlds. For all true Finns, the first song on Tango Republic's self-titled album, "Satumaa" ("Wonderland") makes the heart tremble with a particular home-longing. It continues with "Liljankukka" ("Lily Flower"), a classic by the Finnish legendary tango composer, Toivo Kärki. The last three songs are by Ástor Piazzolla: Oblivion, Verano Porteno and Invierno Porteno.

The group demonstrates a particular kind of socioartistic elegance, which is worth all attention, in live and recorded settings. Needless to say, if you are from Finland and live abroad, or you are interested in Finnish culture, this album will be one of the important cultural references, along with the Salmiakki, the Moomins and the Fazer Chocolate.

Grandes Exitos del Tango

Released 2003

by Tango Republic
with Felipe Salles, Bertram Lehmann